We gathered a list of services & tools to help you expand in Shenzhen.

Accelerate your business development

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Business France offer customized support through a step-by-step approach, helping companies to expand their presence in China. Being sector based experts, Business France aims at helping businesses to find prospective clients through a network of contacts.

Business France advises companies on how to prioritize markets, test the potential of their products and services with a panel of local decision-makers and how to raise their profile on a foreign market, meet prospective clients and advises on selecting business partners.

Your contact in South China : bertrand.quevremont(@) 

For any start-ups setting up in Shenzhen, The French Chamber of Industry and Commerce proposes :

  • Company set-up assistance
  • The ‘Journée Implantation’: a bespoke one-day programme of individual meetings with local experts
  • Recruitment service (special package for start-ups)
  • Desk rental offer in its Incubator
  • Boardroom rental
  • Accountancy services
  • Payroll management

Find Expansion Financing

Raise funds | Financing | Guarantee


Loans & Guarantee

Bpifrance offers a range of financing products (debt) as needed (to increase your cash flow, grow your business and finance your growth, guarantee your bank loans, innovate) :

  • soft loans (repayable advance, zero yield loan),
  • investment loan to support your fundraising (1 euro loan for 2 euros raised),
  • loans for Innovation (if your company is more than 3 years old).

Pitch Events with VCs

We regularly organize events in Shenzhen with VCs.

  • Check out our calendar to attend the next one.
  • Check out the list of French Tech VCs based in Shenzhen.
  • Want to pitch at our next event in Shenzhen? Follow us and stay tuned!

Hire Talented People / Find a Job


The VIE International Internship Program

The VIE enables businesses to give 18- to 28-year-old candidates a temporary assignment of between six and 24 months in a foreign country. The assignment can be renewed once, but may not exceed two years in total. The scheme is open to candidates of all qualification levels not only from France, but also from any other country in the European Economic Area.

Benefits for businesses :

  • No administrative formalities  to complete for personnel sent to work abroad

  • Financial incentives

South China office :


Email : kengelisabeth.huang(@)

French Tech Shenzhen Job board

Find or post a job on the job board of the French Tech community based in London. Free service powered by Les Pépites Tech.



The French Chamber of Commerce has set up a Recruitment Service offering a special package for start-ups at a very competitive fee. From 2016, this service will focus on start-ups' need to support their business development in China.

South China Office:
Director of Recruitment & Training Service

Email: xiao.sisi(@)

Job Boards | V.I.E

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