Business France has set up a department fully dedicated to tech issues, which includes two persons based in Shenzhen (and one in nearby Guangzhou). Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the local tech trends and their thick address book, they can devise tailor-made market studies to any company wishing to explore how the Shenzhen market may fit its development plans.

Business France demand testing

That very same team can also help French tech companies get a first taste of the possible reception of their solutions/products/services by directly surveying a carefully thought-out list of potential customers (by phone or in face-to-face meetings) about their interests for the said solutions/products/services.


The French Chamber of Industry and Commerce in South China (300+ members) has set up a special group to discuss entrepreneurship in South China. : the “Club entrepreneurs”. Cécile Israël, one of the coordinators of the Shenzhen French Tech Hub is vice-president of the club and several well-known members of the French Tech scene in South China such as NConcept regularly participate to its meetings.



French Tech Afterworks

Since early 2016, the Shenzhen French Tech Community has been gathering in a bar every other Tuesday of the month. This casual meetup is a great opportunity to exchange thoughts with like-minded entrepreneurs and newcomers alike.


Startup Grind

With 400 000 founders in over 200 cities, including Shenzhen, Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community in the world. It typically helps finding mentorship, connecting to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users. Two active members of the Shenzhen French Tech Hub (Christophe Branchu and Laurent Le Pen) have taken parts in events organized by Startup Grind in the Past.

startup salad

Startup Salad

Powered by Shenzhen-based Tencent Open Platform, the 52-hours Startup Salad hosts events (pitches, networking, entrepreneur team-making) in 20+ different Chinese cities. Startups that valued more than 20 M USD formed in Startup Salad events. Cool Hobo, an active member of the Shenzhen French Tech Hub, participated to several week-end events organized by Startup Salad.


Club R&D

The Scientific Department of the French General Consulate in Guangzhou organizes visits of innovative companies (both French and Chinese) every two to three months. Among the sites visited in the past few months : Valeo, Parrot, Oberthur, Veolia etc.


Goupement des Centraliens

This network of École Centrale Graduates organizes visits of industrial sites two to three times a year.  “Members” and friends of the local French Tech community is warmly welcome.



WeChat Group

A WeChat (Chinese mobile messaging app – made by Shenzhen-based Tencent) group comprising over 200 members (all working in startups or tech-related fields and based in or frequent visitors of Shenzhen) has been set up to help members communicate all types of information : contacts, market information, events etc. Tech topics only !

WeChat Page

A WeChat page has also been created for everyone to follow. It is the official communication channel of the Shenzhen French Tech Hub and features weekly updates on future and past events, international press articles on innovating in Shenzhen etc. Followers include several journalists such as South China Morning Post, Guangdong TV etc.

The Shenzhen French Tech Hub has also set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page in order to boost its international following. Those two accounts are used to communicate on major events held in Shenzhen or major news pertaining members of the Shenzhen French Tech Hub.


Hax blog

Explore news and industry insights from the HAX team : monthly newsletters, Forbes articles published by HAX partner and Shenzhen French Tech Hub Ambassador, Benjamin Joffe, introduction of startups incubated in HAX etc.


Set up in 2013 with Benjamin Joffe (HAX) among its founders, Shenzhen Ware is an online platform reporting on makers and hardware startups. It also organizes offline events (300+ since its inception) and set up online groups to facilitate community learning. It successfully built a portfolio of 15 000 hardware friends to connect hardware creators and suppliers.



The leading English-language Hong Kong-based Alibaba-owned daily, the South China Morning Post (founded in 1903), has set up a special channel to follow the developments of the Shenzhen hi-tech scene: “In this “Hi-Tech in Shenzhen” channel, we look at how Shenzhen has risen to become the global epicentre of hi-tech innovations in telecommunication, automotive and other industries. Shenzhen is also the world’s largest manufacturer of drones, and robots are the next big thing. While the city is home to many technology giants, it is also the breeding ground of startups".


Analysis of the Shenzhen innovation ecosystem published in the periodic « le CNRS en Chine » (no. 23, automne 2016) : « L’innovation à Shenzhen : résultats, caractéristiques et perspectives d’avenir » (French language) by the Economic section of the French Consulate General in Guangzhou.


TechNode, one of the leading tech media in China - and the official partner of TechCrunch, managing TechCrunch China – dedicated a special series of reports to the Shenzhen ecosystem : “Now in Shenzhen”. Various partners of the Shenzhen French Tech Hub have been featured in those articles, including Workshop’s Kim Pen and HAX’s Benjamin Joffe.